Lecture:2020/07/03,14:00-15:00,Chengbo Wang, Zhejiang University


Speaker: Chengbo Wang from Zhejiang University

Tencent Conference ID758 952 008

Title: Life span   estimates for 2-dimensional semilinear wave equations in asymptotically  Euclidean exterior domains

Abstract: In this talk, we will consider the initial   boundary value problem for two-dimensional semilinear wave equations with   small data, in asymptotically Euclidean exterior domains.We shall prove that for subcritical and   critical powers p2, the problem admits the same upper bound of the lifespan   as that of the corresponding Cauchy problem. It is interesting to see that   the logarithmic increase of the harmonic function in   2-D has no influence to the estimate of the upper bound of the lifespan. One   of the novelties is that we can deal with the problem with flat metric and   general obstacles (bounded and simple connected), and it will be reduced to   the corresponding problem with compact perturbation of the flat metric   outside a ball. This is a joint work with Ning-An Lai, Mengyun Liu and   Kyouhei Wakasa.