Since 2012, the citations issued on ESI about mathematics from Mathematics Department ranked at top 10 in China. Mathematics Department has hosted 58 projects of National Natural Science Foundation. Annual research funding has reached 650 million yuan. More than 800 academic papers have been published on SCI-indexed paper. 21 monograph textbooks have been published. It got a number of research awards, including the National Natural Science Award, Jiangsu Science and Technology Prize, Thomson Reuters Research Excellence Award, the Ministry of Education Natural Science Award, National Bureau of Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievements First Prize and Second Prize and Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress second Prize and Third Prize.

The research institutes and centers

The Mathematics Insititute of Southeast University

DirectorProf. Feng Keqinpart time

Executive vice directorProf. Chen Jianlong

The Complex System and Network Science Research Center of Southeast University

DeanProf. Cao Jinde

Vice deanProf. Lu Jianquan, Prof. Yu Wenwuy


The Applied Probability and Statistics Institute of Southeast University

DirectorProf. Lin Jinguan

The Financial Statistics Institute of Southeast University

DirectorProf. Yao Qiwei (guest)

Executive vice directorProf. Lin Jinguan

The Sientific Computation Laboratory of Southeast University

Dean: Prof. Sun Zhizhong

The Cooperative Control Labrotory of Complex System in Mathematics Department of Southeast University

Dean: Prof. Yu Wenyu

Vice dean: Prof. Wen Guanghui