The mathematics faculty of Southeast University was established in 1921 and created by the famous mathematician Mr Xiong Qinglai. After the adjustment of the institutes and faculties in the year of 1952, it has been developed into the mathematical department with the great emphasis on both the teaching and scientific research, the overall development of multiple subjects and the strong teaching power today from the basic science faculty, the mathematics and mechanics faculty and the applied mathematics faculty.

There are four teaching research organizations such as the applied mathematics section, the  information and computer science section, the statistics section, the university mathematics section etc subordinated to the mathematics department as well as six research institutes like the mathematics research institute, the applied mathematics research institute , the applied probability and the statistics research institute, the financial statistics research institute, the complex system and network science research center, and complex system cooperative control laboratory etc. It owns two first-class subject doctoral programs of Mathematics and Network space security (the mutual sharing),two first-class subject master programs of Mathematics and Statistics, the applied master program of Statistics, the key subjects of Mathematics and Statistics of Jiangsu Province, the mobility station of post-doctor program of Mathematics, the Statistics scientific research base of Jiangsu Province, “ The Blue Project” scientific research creativity group of Jiangsu Province, the outstanding teaching group of higherinstitutes of Jiangsu Province and the enterprise’sgraduatesworking station of Jiangsu Province. The mathematics department focuses on the interdisciplinarity, especially carrying out the highly effective research work in the domains like the complex network system, the scientific computation of dielectric imaging and statistics etc.

Since the year of 2012, ESI citations of the mathematics subject of our department have been continuously ranking at the top 10 nationwide, 58 items of programs funded by National Scientific Fundation have been hosted and various research results have been awarded, among which includes one item of the Second Prize of National Natural Science, one item of the First Prize of Scientific Technology of Jiangsu Province, one item of Thmoson Reuters Outstanding Research Prize, two items of the Second Prize of Natural Science of Education Ministry, one item of the First Prize of Outstanding Technological Findings of National Statistical Bureau and two items of the second prizes, one item of the Second Prize of the Scientific Progress of Jiangsu Province andtwo items of the third prizes.

The faculty: There are totally 86 professional teachers and 9 working staffs in the entire department(including 1 distinguished professor of university, 2 young distinguished professors of universityand 13 doctoral degree advisors). Among them, there are 1 academician of the European Academy of science, 1 IEEE fellow, 3 global highly cited scientists of Thomson Reuters, 4 Chinese highly cited scholars of Elsevier, 1 expert of national natural science foundation’s subject evaluation group, 1 young top talent of ten thousand national talents, 1 leading talent of 333 high-level talent’s cultivation project of Jiangsu Province, 1 winner of national excellent youth fund, 1 winner of Chinese female young scientist, 1 winner of young teacher prize of the higher institutes of the Education Ministry, 3 persons of the new century outstanding talents supporting plans of the Education Ministry, 4 persons of the outstanding prizes of Bao Gang’s education fund, 1 winner of Huo Yingdong’s young teachers foundation sponsorship, 1 winner of German Humboldt foundation sponsorship, 4 persons of “the Six-talent summit” of Jiangsu Province, 1 winner of the outstanding young scientific foundation of Jiangsu Province, 4 leading persons of “the Blue project” academy of the higher institutes of Jiangsu Province etc. There are a huge batch of the scientific research elites and capable teachers. Meanwhile, the departemnt also owns a batch of the visiting professors and industry professors with the world first-rate academic levels, including 1 academican of European academy of science, 1 academican of the third world academy of science, 2 persons of IEEE Fellow, 4 experts of “ Excellent talents program”.

The teaching: Currently, there are two undergraduate majors such as the mathematics and applied mathematics major, information and computer science major and statistics major. All these majors execute large class enrollment, implement the wide aperture training mode, strengthen the general education, set a solid maths foundation, focus on the specialty intersecting and intensify the creativity capacities. The specific major can be reselected by the students after one-year entrance study. The overall toll of undergraduate enrollment of this year is about 90 persons.

The mathematics and applied mathematics major is the constructive point of national specialty major, the specialty major of Jiangsu Province and the brand major of Jiangsu Province. This major cultivates the basic theories and methods for mastering the maths subject. It owns the good mathematical thinking ability and literacy, which can be initially trained by the scientific research with creativity consciousnesses and abilities. The mathematical knowledges can be applied into the cross compound talents of the relevant subjects or the special talents of the mathematical research.

The information and computer science major. This is the specialty major of Jiangsu Province. This major cultivates the students to have the solid maths foundation, creativity consciousnesses and capacities. The students should have a systematic command of the basic theories of maths major with the possession of the stronger capacities of scientific computing and program designing. They are also able to utilise the learned knowledges to resolve the actual issues in the domains like the engineering computing and financial computing etc.

The statistics major. This is the new major opened for adjusting the social needs and the major direction is the financial statistics. This major cultivates the capacities with better mathematical foundation , with a command of the basic thought, theory and method of statistics and of being familiar with the applied computer software processing statistical data as well as cultivates the senior special talents with the comprehensive application ability and intersecting ability who are also able to apply the knowledges into the relevant domains ( such as the social economy, the financial insurance, the biology, the medical science and the information management etc.)

The talents’ cultivation: The cultivation quality of the talents of bachelor, master and doctor degrees has been improving continuously. In recent 5 years, we have won a series of high-level awards, such as 1 item of the nomination prize of the national outstanding doctoral dissertation award, 1 item of the new person prize of the doctoral postgraduate academy of education department, 3 articles have won the outstanding doctoral dissertation prize of Jiangsu Province, 2 items of China’s most influential international academic paper award, 2 items of the second prize of national university” the challenging cup” ( All the participants are the undergraduates of our faculty) etc. The mathematical modeling results of the university students guided by the teachers of our faculty are quite outstanding, 2 items of the grand prize of modeling competition of international university students were won by our school in the academic year of 2014, which ranked the second at home, second only to Tsinghua University and realized the historical breakthrough. The undergraduate students have been sent to make an academic exchange visit to many famous high institutes in USA, UK, Hongkong and Taiwan. We also have had the deep cooperations in the domains like the joint project research, academic exchange and visit, the students exchange cultivation and mutual sharing of teaching and scientific research information.

The employment and the further study: In recent 5 years, the employment rate of the undergraduate students of our faculty has been all over 95%. More than half of the graduates have chosen to further their postgraduate study in the well-known high institutes and research institutes at home and abroad such as Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Beijing University. The academy of mathematics and systems science of CAS etc. The outstanding graduates can be recommended to study maths in the relevant interdisciplines such as the postgraduate subjects like the financial economy, the controlling science, the computer science and engineering electronic information science, the electrical engineering and automatic and transportation engineering etc. They can also be recommended to study abroad. The graduates directly getting employed are suitable to be engaged in the jobs like the development, management and teaching etc. in the scientific research organizations, state organs and huge and medium-sized enterprises and companies.